Dr. Biswa N.Mohanty

Past-President, Odisha Chapter

In early 70’s , few surgeons of Odisha decided to form an association in order to promote professional relationship between the practicing surgeons of the state of Odisha. . In fact in the year 1973 it was Prof. M. S. Khadanga , who first moved the proposal and the proposal was accepted by many surgeons of the state. Thus the Odisha State Surgeons Association was formed in 1973 and Prof. Sukumar Das organized the first annual conference of the Orissa State Surgeons Association on request of Prof. Khadanga in the year 1973 at Berhampur. Prof. Sukumar Das was the organizing Chairman and Dr. M. C. Dandapat was the Organizing Secretary . The conference was held on 15th April 1973 at MKCG Medical College, Berhampur. The first Annual Conference of Odisha State Surgeons Association was a historic event. Prof. K. N. Mishra Retired Prof. of Surgery and Principal-cum-Superintendent of S. C. B Medical College, Cuttack was the Chief Guest. Prof. R. N. Mishra, Retired Principal-cum- Superintendent of V. S. S Medical College, Burla and Prof. G. S. Dasmahapatra , Director of Health Services, Orissa were the patrons of the said conference. All attending surgeons considered the conference to be a grand success.
The national annual conference of The Association of Surgeons of India was organized in the month of December 1974(ASICON 1974) at Cuttack. Prof Sukumar Das was the organizing secretary of ASICON 1974. Subsequently the annual meetings of the Odisha Surgeons Association were held every year in different places of Odisha till 1985.
In the year 1986, with initiatives from Dr.M.C.Dandapat, The Association of Surgeons of India(ASI), Odisha Chapter was created and from that year the Odisha Surgeons Association ceased to exist. The first Annual Conference of The ASI, Odisha Chapter was held at Rourkela on 8th and 9th November 1986. Dr. S. K. Ghosh was the Organizing Secretary of that conference. It was found that although there were about 300 surgeons in the state at that time, less than fifty surgeons were the members of The Association of Surgeons of India. During the conference held at Rourkela, Prof M. C. Dandapat was elected as the first President of newly formed Odisha Chapter. He took all the steps for increasing the membership strength and to promote academic activities of our state chapter .
To represent the state chapters in the parent body, Governing Council members were elected from each state chapter. The bylaws of the parent body permitted one GC member from a state chapter for 150 ASI members. All senior members of the chapter worked hard to raise the membership strength of Odisha Chapter to 162. Thus Odisha chapter became eligible to send one member now to the Governing Council of The ASI. Dr.M C Dandapat was elected as the 1st G. C. member from Odisha Chapter to the parent body in the year 1992.
The then Hony. Secretary of The ASI requested the surgeons of Odisha Chapter to draft a separate constitution in parity with the constitution of the parent body.Dr.SN Panda was entrusted upon the responsibility and he drafted the constitution. The general body of the Odisha Chapter approved the newly drafted constitution on 9th April 1988 in the 3rd annual conference of state chapter (OSASICON) held at Berhampur. In the same year it was printed and print copies were distributed among all members of Odisha Chapter. A copy was sent to the central office of The ASI located at Chennai(Madras). Copies were also sent to all state chapters of India.
The Odisha Chapter of The ASI at present offers the following Awards, Prizes and Fellowships..
  1. Dr.G. S. Dasmohapatra Oration Award.
  2. Brahmapur Oration Award
  3. Bhubaneswar Oration Award
  4. Dr.M S Khadanga Oration Award
  5. Sushruta Trust of Odisha Oration Award
  6. Rourkela Fellowship Prize.
  7. Nayana Devi Memorial Surgi-quiz Prize
  8. Urology Trust of Odisha prize for the best short paper
  9. 3 Prizes for Post Graduate Paper Competition
  10. 3 prizes for case presentation in Master Class session(for PG students)
  11. Certificate of Merit to undergraduate students of all Medical Colleges  securing highest mark in surgery in final MBBS Examination.


Continuing Surgical Education programs, Rural Surgery Camps,  Operative video sessions, Mid term conferences and  Public awareness programs  are being organized  by the Chapter every year.


Election is being held for the post of  president once every year and for all other posts once in two years, through  postal ballot as per the rules and regulations laid down in the constitution. President -elect for the year is the election officer to look after all election matters. Continuing Surgical Education programs, Rural Surgery Camps,  Operative video sessions, Mid term conferences and  Public awareness programs  are being organized  by the Chapter every year.

The GB on 14.11.2020 held on virtual platform approved  that henceforth the term of President would be for 1 year and for all other office bearer posts for 3 years as is the practice in the parent body. In stead of postal ballot, the chapter may hold the election through online voting.


At present the total membership strength of our state chapter( eligible voters) has exceeded  650.  23 life members were enrolled in single day by Prof. R. N. Mangual in the year 2008. Our state chapter is sending now two G. C. Members to the governing council of The Association of Surgeons of India. For the forthcoming term 2022-2024 , Odisha State Chapter is eligible to send 3 members to the Executive Committee of The ASI.

List of GC Members

Term Name
1992-1994 Prof.MCDandapat
1995-1997 Prof.MCDandapat
1998-2000 Prof.BCMishra
2001-2003 Prof.BCMishra
2004-2006 Dr.A.K.Mishra
Term Name
2007-2009 Dr.A.K.Mishra & Prof.BNMohanty
2010-2012 Prof.B.N.Mohanty & Prof.P.K.Mallick
2013-2015 Dr.C R Das & Dr.M R Sahoo
2016-2018 Dr.C R Das & Dr.Sreejay Patnaik
2019-2021 Dr.Sreejay Patnaik & Dr.B B Mishra
In the year 2006 two city branches were formed in Odisha-one at Bhubaneswar and the other at Berhampur. The ASI President Dr. K. S. Gopinath attended the inaugural ceremony at both the locations. The names of the city branches are “ Bhubaneswar City Branch-cum-Bhubaneswar Surgeons Club” and “Berhampur City Branch-cum-Silk city surgeons Club, Berhampur” respectively.
Subsequently Cuttack City branch and Sambalpur city branches were formed. Cuttack city branch was inaugurated by Dr.N K Pandey, President of ASI in 2011.In the same year the Sambalpur city branch was also inaugurated.

Surgeons of Baripada and Balasore have jointly formed a city branch as both cities are close to each other(North Odisha City branch). Similarly a city branch has also been formed at Rourkela. However none of these city branches have been formally inaugurated till the year 2020.


Year Organizing Secretary Venue
1974 Dr.Sukumar Das Cuttack
1994 Dr.Bishnu Ch.Mishra Cuttack
Year Organizing Secretary Venue
2007 Dr.Promod K. Mallick Bhubaneswar
2019 Dr.Sreejay Patnaik Bhubaneswar
Year Organizing Secretary
1989 Ethicon visiting Professorship awarded to Prof. M.C. Dandapat
1990 Best Chapter Award
1991 a) Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr.S.Rangachari Research Award to Prof. B. P. Mishra
b) Dr. Arthur De Sa Travelling Fellowship to Dr. S. K. Sen
1993 Best Chapter Award
1994 a) Best Chapter Award
b) Host for ASICON -1994
1995 Best Chapter Award
1996 Das Mohapatra Oration award instituted at National Level
1997 Ethicon Travelling Fellowship in Rural Surgery – Dr. M. K. Panigrahi
1998 Kini Memorial Oration Prof. K. M. Pathi
1999 a) Ethicon visiting Professorship – Dr. L. M. Mukherjee
b) Ethicon Travelling Fellowship in Rural Surgery – Dr. Jayanta Ku Sahoo
2002 Hari OM ashram Prerit Dr.S.Rangachari Research Award award to Prof. K. M. Pathi
2005 Ethicon visiting Professorship -Prof. B. N. Mohanty
2006 a) Institution of two governing Council Members
b) Formation of city branches at Bhubaneswar & Berhampur
Year Organizing Secretary
2007 a) Host for ASICON-2007 at Bhubaneswar
b) Best City Branch award to Berhampur City Branch
c) Ethicon Travelling Fellowship in General Surgery- Saroj Ku. Mishra d) Dr.Arthur De Sa Travelling Felloship of The A.SI. – Dr. Amiya K Jenamani
2008 a) Prof.Krishnamoorthy Golden Independence Conference Commemorative Award – Prof. R.N Mangual
b) Permanent State chapter HQrs.Office started functioning in a room at IMA House, Ranihat Medical Road, Cuttack-753007
2009 a) Bhubaneswar Oration Award instituted at state-level
b) Prof.P.K.Mallick elected as member of Orissa Legislative Assembly
c) Hosted Joint East Zone CME-cum-Workshop of The ASI & The AMASI
2010 a) Silver Jubilee Celebration of The ASI, Odisha Chapter
2011 a) Institution of Dr.M S Khadanga Oration
b) Formation of Cuttack city branch and Sambalpur city branch
2012 a)Institution of Sushruta Trust of Odisha Oration
2013 a)Dr.G S Dasmohapatra Oration award- Dr.M R Sahoo
2016 a) Dr.Jaipal Singh Memorial Oration: Prof. B N Mohanty
2019 a) Dr.Ramesh Nigam Memorial Oration- Prof.B N Mohanty,br>b) Hosting of ASICON 2019 at Bhubaneswar
2020 a)Hosting of OSASICON for the 1st time on a virtual platform successfully
Felicitations, Awards, Orations and Prizes Offered by The ASI, Orissa Chapter


Year of Conference Name of Surgeons Place
1987 Prof. Radhanath Mishra
Prof. K. N. Mishra
Prof. G. S. Dasmohapatra
1988 Prof. M. S. Khadanga
Prof. D. N. Tripathy
Prof. Raja Rasool
1989 Prof. Sukumar Das
Prof. R.N. Mishra
Prof. P.B. Chakraborty
Prof. Bhaskar Rath
1990 Dr. S. K. Ghosh
Prof. Bansidhar Senapati
Prof. R. K. Das, No – II
1991 Prof. L. Pati Berhampur
1992 Prof. Prafulla K. Bhanja
Prof. Guru P. Mohanty
Prof. Dinger Meher
1993 None Rourkela
1994 Prof. P.Tejeswar Rao
Prof. Narayan C. Nanda
Prof. B.P. Mishra
1995 Prof. Radha Charan Mohanty
Prof. Bijay Kishore Rath
Prof. B. N. Mishra
Cuttack & Charbatia
1996 Prof. Nrusingha . C. Padhi
Prof. K.C. Mohanty
Prof. N. C. Mishra
1997 Dr. Ajay. K. Mishra
Prof. P.V.N. Rao
1998 Prof. Bhabani Sankar Das
Dr. Shyam Sunder Das
1999 Prof. Anadi Krishna Patra
Prof. Nilamber Acharya
2000 Prof. K. T. Subudhi
Dr. Bamadev Mohanty
2001 Prof. K. T. Subudhi
Dr. Bamadev Mohanty
2001 Prof. K.M. Pathi Cuttack
2002 Prof. M. C. Dandapat
Dr. S.M Ali
Nalco Nagar,Angul
2003 Dr. P. C. Mishra
Dr. Sayed Saifullah
Prof.Maheswar Sahu
2004 Prof. Satyendra N.Panda
Prof. Bishnu C. Mishra
Dr. Gokulananda Patnaik
Dr. Braja Kishore Mishra
Year of Conference Name of Surgeons Place
2005 Dr. Chitta ranjan Kar
Dr. Basanta K. Patra
Dr. Durga Charan Mohanty
Dr. Saroj Kumar Mohanty
2006 Dr. Sarat Chandra Mishra
Dr. Raj Kishore Sarangi
Dr. Ashok K Das
2007 Dr. Arjun Ch. Das
Dr. Harish Ch. Jena
2008 Dr. Amulya Ch. Dash
Dr. K. C. Behera
Dr. Gopabandhu Bal
2009 Prof. Prafulla Ku. Mahapatra Rourkela
2010 Dr.Ajambar Sutar
Prof.KRRM Rao
2011 Dr.G C Pothal Bhubaneswar
2012 Dr.Bijoy Kishore Panda
Dr.Sashi Bhusan Mishra
Dr.Jagdish Acharya
2013 Dr.Falguni Ray
Dr.Kashinath Bisoi
2014 Dr.Lalit M Mukherjee
Dr.Laxmikanta Sahu
Dr.Ram Kumar Mohapatra
Dr.Sarbeswar Sahoo
Dr.Rabindranath Rath
2015 Dr.Krupasindhu Panda
Dr.Direndra K Ray
Dr.Biswanath Patnaik,
Dr.Dhuna Ch.Jena
2016 Dr.Uma Ch.Patnaik
Dr.S Malakar
Dr.Ananta P Panda
Dr.Jagan Mohan Das
2017 Dr.R N Samanta
Dr.Niranjan Parida
Dr.Bhagaban Mohanty
Dr.Manoranjan Padhi
2018 Dr.Satyabrata Mohapatra
Dr.Debendranath Panda
Dr.Pramod Ch. Naik
Dr.Duryodhan Sahoo
2019 Dr.R S Agarwal
Dr.Souri Samantaray
Dr.Y Tejkumar
2020 None were awarded
through a virtual platform
Year Name
1989 1989 Dr. Manohar J. Joshi
1990 Prof. B. P. Mishra
1991 Prof. M.C. Dandapata
1992 Prof. P.B. Chakraborty
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Prof. P.T. Rao
1995 Prof. S.C. Patnaik
1996 Prof. G. P. Mohanty
1997 Prof. N. C. Padhi
1998 Prof. S. N. Panda
1999 Prof. K. M. Pathi
2000 Prof. C. L. N. Subudhi
2001 Prof. L. K. Sahoo
2002 Prof. Falguni Ray
2003 Not Awarded
2004 Prof. Sanatan Rath/td>
Year Name
2005 Dr. K. S. Panda
2006 Prof. K. C. Mohapatra
2007 Prof. Bhabani Sankar Das
2008 Prof. L. M. Mukherjee
2009 Prof. B. N. Mohanty
2010 Dr.Subrat K. Jena
2011 Dr.Maheswar Sahoo
2012 Dr.Ramesh Ch. Das
2013 Prof.Sribatsa K Mohapatra
2014 Dr.Md.Ibrarullah
2015 Prof.B B Mishra
2016 Dr.K K Panigrahi
2017 Dr.C R Das
2018 Prof..Braja M Mishra
2019 Prof..Siba Prasad Patnaik
2020 Dr.Sreejay Patnaik
The corpus money of Rs. 50,000 was received from Dr. B. C. Mishra, Organising Secretary of ASICON’ 94 for institution of this oration.. The amount was kept as Fixed Deposit in the SBI, Medical College Campus branch, Berhampur. It was resolved in the general body meeting held on 14th May 1995 at Charbatia .that no amount from the FD would be withdrawn at anytime and under any circumstance.
It was decided that the annual interest to be accrued would be utilized towards the local hospitality and purchase of memento for the orator. It was further decided that additional donations can be added to this corpus fund by organizers of subsequent conferences.

Accordingly this amount was kept as Fixed Deposit in the name and style of “ASI, ORISSA STATE CHAPTER, BRAHAMPUR ORATION”


  1. The nomination should be sponsored by at least two  Full Life Members of A. S. I.
  2. Nominee should be a renowned, eminent surgeon of India and must have done some original research work.
  3. The subject of Lecture should relate to surgery in any clinical discipline of basic medical science and the lecture be based on original work done by him.
  4. Two copies of curriculum vitae and scientific publications highlighting the scientific contribution of the nominee in advancing the knowledge of Surgery in India should be sent to Hony. Secretary at least one month before the conference date  every year.
  5. The following information is to be submitted by the nominee.
  • CV with particulars of outstanding work and list of publications.
  • Whether the work is original, if so whether it was undertaken in collaboration with others.
  • Nominee’s contribution to the growth of Indian Surgery.
The selection will be made by the Executive Committee of Odisha Chapter of ASI and the decision of the committee would be final
Year Name
1995 Prof. S. Vital, Madras
1996 Prof. H.S. Ashopa, Agra
1997 Prof. S. K. Shukla, Indore
1998 Prof.H. S. Bhanusali, Thane
1999 Prof. V. Sagdeo, Kanpur
2000 Prof. R. S. Sinha,Patna
2001 Prof. K. S. Gopinath,Bangalore
2002 Prof. Ashok Meheta,Mumbai
2003 Dr. C. Palanivelu,Coimbatore
2004 Dr. R. Jothiramalingam,Madurai
2005 Dr. Saroj K. Mishra, Lucknow
2006 Dr. R. A. Shastri, Hyderabad
2007 Dr. G. R. Verma, Chandigarh
Year Name
2008 Prof. S. Sadasivam, Coimbatore
2009 Dr. Rathindra Sarangi,New Delhi
2010 Dr.Lalatendu Sarangi, Varanasi.
2011 Dr.Bharatendu Swain, Hyderabad
2012 Dr.Peush Sahni, New Delhi
2013 Dr.V K Kappor, Lucknow
2014 Dr.Suresh Ch.Hari, Hyderabad
2015 Dr.Om Tantia, Kolkata
2016 Dr.Santosh J Abraham, Cochi
2017 Dr.Shiva Kanta Mishra,Kanpur
2018 2018 Dr.S M Bose,Chandigarh
2019 Dr.Arurag Srivastava,New Delhi
2020 2020 Dr.Raghu Ram, Hyderabad
Bhubaneswar Oration Award

Bhubaneswar Oration Award was instituted during OSASICON 2009 held at Rourkela in place of the Bhubaneswar Fellowship prize. The corpus fund of Rs.50,000/- donated by Dr.A.K.Mishra ( out  for the savings of OSASICON 1989 and 2003) for the Bhubaneswar Fellowship Prize was decided to be used as corpus fund of  Bhubaneswar Oration Award from the year 2009.

The first Bhubaneswar Oration was delivered by Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das of Cuttack during the OSISICON 2010.

Rules and Regulations:

1.The first inaugural oration will be delivered during the silver jubilee conference of The

  ASI, Odishaa Chapter in the year 2010.

  1. The orator will be nominated by the EC of The ASI, Odisha Chapter.

3.The nominee should be a member of The Association of Surgeons of India and a person of National and International repute. Preference will be given to residents of Orissa working outside the state or outside the country.

3.The nominee should submit a summary of the topic of the oration  along with bio-data after he receives proper communication from the Odisha Chapter HQrs. about his nomination. The submitted material should reach the Hony. Secretary, The ASI, Odisha Chapter, IMA House, Ranihat Medical Road,Cuttack-753007 at least one month before the conference date.

4 The subject of the oration must relate to Surgery in any Clinical discipline or basic Medical Sciences

  1. The topic selected should be delivered by the nominee in person at the annual conference of The ASI, Odisha Chapter.
  2. A Scroll/medallion would be presented to the Orator during the Annual Conference of  The ASI, Odisha Chapter out of the interest accrued on the corpus fund during the preceding year.
Year Name
2010 Dr. Bhabani Shankar Das, Cuttack
2011 Dr.Nalini S Kakre,Vell
2012 Dr.Ashis Ku.Chand,Bangalore
2013 Dr.G V K Rao,Hyderabad
2014 Dr.A K Pujahari, Pune
2015 Dr.Mukut Minz, Chandigarh
Year Name
2016 Dr.Prasanna K Mishra, Kolkata
2017 Dr.(Col) Prasanna K Hota, Khammam
2018 Dr.Rathindra Sarangi, New Delhi
2019 Dr. Gangaram Verma, Chandigarh
2020 Dr.Rudra P Acharya, New Delhi
Dr.M S Khadanga Oration Award

The oration was instituted in the year 2011. The corpus money of Rs.50,000.00 was arranged  by Dr.B C Mishra. He donated the amount to ASI, Odisha Chapter  in 2011. The amount was kept as a fixed deposit. It was decided that the oration would be delivered by a reputed surgeon, preferably by one of his students. The ASI Odisha chapter would  nominate a deserving surgeon for delivering the oration.

Year Name
2012 Dr.Rathindra Nath Sarangi, New Delhi
2013 Dr.Nanakram Agarwal, USA
2014 Dr.Nayan Kumar Mohanty, New Delhi
2015 Dr.Mukut Minz, Chandigarh
2016 Maj Gen.Dr. P K Patnaik, New Delhi
Year Name
2017 Dr.Lalatendu Sarangi, Cuttack
2018 Dr.Falguni Ray,Bhubaneswar
2019 Dr. Satya Narayan Mishra, Chennai
2020 Dr.Sukria Nayak,Vellore
Sushruta Trust of Odisha Oration Award

The oration was instituted in the year 2012 by joint effort of Prof.Sukumar Das and Prof. S N Panda. They were the president and secretary of  Sushruta Trust of Odisha respectively.. The corpus money amounting to Rs.1,00,000.00 was donated from the trust fund

It may not be out of place to mention here that this trust was formed in 1990 from the savings of the ASICON 1974 held at Cuttack .Dr.Sukumar Das was the organizing secretary and Dr.Sanatan Rath was the treasurer of the said conference. The trust after formation started financially supporting various academic activities of the ASI Odisha Chapter, publication of Odisha Journal of Surgery and furnishing of the ASI, Odisha Chapter office located in the IMA house , Ranihat Cuttack.

The first Sushruta Trust of Odisha Oration was delivered by Prof. S N Panda  of Cuttack during the OSISICON 2013.

Rules and Regulations:

1.The orator has to be a reputed surgeon of India

2.The topic of oration should relate to ethics in surgery

3.He/she will be nominated by the ASI, Odisha Chapter

4.The nominee shall deliver the oration in person during the annual conference of the ASI, Odisha Chapter.

5.A scroll/medallion will be presented to the orator during the annual conference of The ASI, Odisha Chapter