Governing Council (G.C.) Member

As per the by-law pf the [aremtnpdu (i.e. the Association of Surgeons of India), the state should have full life members of 150 to send on G.C. member. With sincere works of senior members of the state chapter, the , membership strength increased upto 162 and Dr.M.C. Dandapat was elected as the firs G.C. member representating Odisha Chapter of the ASI in 1992. Our state chapter has been sending two G.C. members from 2007 to the ASI.

List of G.C. Members
Term Name
1992-1998 Prof. M.C. Dandapat
1995-1997 Prof. M.C. Dandapat
1998-2000 Prof. B.C. Mishra
2001-2003 Prof. B.C. Mishra
2004-2006 Dr. A.K. Mishra & Prof. B.N. Mohanty
2010-2012 Prof. B.N. Mohanty & Prof. P.K. Mallick
2013-2015 Dr.C.R.Das & Dr.M.R. Sahoo
2016-2018 Dr.C.R.Das & Dr. Sreejoy Patnaik
2019-2021 Prof.B.B. Mishra & Dr. Sreejoy Patnaik